MC with Kelowna Wedding DJ, Lets Dance


We just wanted to say thank you for your amazing DJ service at our wedding.

Dan you were absolutely incredible & kept the energy alive throughout the whole evening, especially during the dance time! You also did a fantastic job at the ceremony!Dan, you had people on the dance floor that I had never ever seen get UP at a social gathering. You brought out the best in our crowd, so much so that they never wanted to leave.

If you're looking for a DJ who is personable, talented, dedicated & cost effective- honestly don't look any further. If you think because 'Let’s Dance' charges less then another DJ in Kelowna meaning they must not be as good- think again. We had people who have been to countless weddings before saying that Dan and his team member were the BEST DJ services they have ever had.

Stop looking, book Lets Dance DJ Services, and be prepared for some sad guests when the last song comes on- what an incredible, memorable event.

Brittne & Kyle Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

Dan and I would absolutely recommend DJ Dan for your wedding! We not only used him as a DJ, but he was our MC as well. He exceeded all of our expectations. We had a small script & left the rest up to him. He had games which got everyone at the tables meeting and interacting with each other. There was a fantastic mix of music played to suit all different tastes. His equipment was set up & well placed well before my reception began.

Best of all, he's extremely easy to get along with & work with. He genuinely wants your day to go as smoothly as planned and keeps in touch with you throughout the evening to make sure everything is going well & in a reasonable timeframe. Not only was I happy with his work, but I heard nothing but good things about him from my guests as well.

Hope this helps in your search!

Kelsie & Dan Wright Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

We had our wedding in Kelowna and live in Kamloops so I was a little uneasy hiring a dj I never met. Dan answered every phone call, email, and sent me reception planners that really helped me be more prepared. He supplied our ceremony sound equipment and even hid a microphone in our wedding arbor so our vows could be heard. His performance at the ceremony could not have been more perfect.

At the reception, he helped guide the sequence of events along with our mc, he was amazing. Our guests were on the dance floor from the first song he played until the very end and last call.

I could not recommend him more, and I am very very picky.

Rebecca and Matt Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

I do recommend Dan as a wedding dj.!! We had such a great experience with him at our ceremony, reception and throughout the planning process. The good thing about hiring Dan is you can give him a lot of structure or (do as we did) and give him little go on and he still hit it out of the park. We gave him all the songs for our ceremony and our entrance song as well as our first dance but everything else we just let him go with it and he did a fantastic job!!! We had many guests giving us compliments on our dj the next day!! He took everyone's song requests. His pricing was so great we weren't sure what to expect but he exceeded all my expectations. He was professional and dressed appropriately. His timing with the songs at the ceremony was bang on with no cueing. I completely recommend him if you want a fun and professional DJ experience.

Eva & Rob Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

Dan did an amazing job.  He read the crowd so well and all our guests had a great time. The dance floor was packed the entire night. He also provided music for our ceremony which was fantastic.  We had a few songs on our do not play list, and when a guest requested the ymca, he came up and asked me if he could play It rather than just playing it, very respectful of our wishes. We let him play it and the older people loved it.  I would definitely recommend Dan for your wedding.

Aisha & Sheldon Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

Our experience with Dan was very positive from the beginning and all way along the whole planning process.  I actually didn't even meet Dan until our reception started (which I was very nervous about as you can imagine).  We had spoken with him on the phone but that's all.  We live in Vancouver so we had to do all this long distance so it was a bit of a challenge but Dan made it very easy.  He sent us a planner to fill out where we made a TON of notes and timing and when to start this and that and he did everything spot on!

He did the music for our ceremony and he did everything perfectly.  We told him what songs for what parts in the ceremony and his timing was perfect, we could hear it all clearly but not too loud.  He was very professional and nobody even knew he was there, it was really great and we were super happy.

He was also our MC for the evening and that was what we were most impressed with.  He played a few well timed and very fun games that got the people moving and laughing and having a blast!  Everyone after the wedding said he was one of the best DJ's they had ever seen.  He was very relaxed and willing to change things at the last minute and taking our requests as well as if we had an announcement.  He took care of everything, it made the night so fun and relaxed for us in that respect.  He played all the songs we asked him to and left out the ones we also asked to not have played.  If you are looking for an MC as well, I highly recommend Dan, he was fantastic.  If you are looking for someone crazy and loud and super high energy and someone stealing the spotlight he may not be what you're looking for.  If you want someone more down to earth, funny and easy to work with, who is well-spoken, professional and amiable I would definitely go with Dan!  We were insanely happy with him and he fit us to a "T".  Of course that's a couple by couple basis but you won't be upset at all with the entertainment for sure.

Kristin & Troy Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

We recommend you hire Dan for your wedding.

We completely trusted him with the music as we didn't have time/forgot to give him song selections.

It was awesome. His musical taste kept people dancing, our friends ,my grandmother , uncles and aunts were  all on the dance floor.
We had over 150 guests at Sparkling Hill Resort and everyone loved every bit of it. Music is very important and Dan delivered.

K.C. & Fianna Vernon Wedding December 16, 2015

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Ours was fabulous and such a great day, I would recommend DJ Dan, YES, he played a big part in the success of our wedding day. He performed great music on great equipment and was the lowest cost dj we could find. He did our ceremony music as well, and we also used the projector and screen that he offers every part he played in our day was perfect.

Richelle & Sean Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

Thank you Dan so much for your services! My family and guests were telling me that you were the best DJ yet at any wedding's they've been to! You really took into account what I asked for and put it into play, and you worked wonderfully with my Uncle Dave who was MC. We appreciate what you setup for us! we had a blast!

Kelsie & Mario Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

Yes, I would definitely recommend Dan.  He knows his stuff. I really appreciated his form that had a complete schedule and just allowed us to fit in the songs that we wanted.  Also, the games that he played at the beginning of the night (to decide eating order) were excellent icebreakers for everyone.  Several people commented to us afterwards how much they appreciated the great music and games that Dan played.

Ashley & Chris Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

Dan did a great job! Our group was mostly 25-35 year olds and a few older relatives and parents 60+ and everyone at some point was on the dance floor!He played a fun game to decide what table would start the buffet first, I kinda missed it because I was visiting my family but everyone said it was lots of fun.He took requests and played everything from new, old, rock, country, he didn't play songs on a list I had that I didn't want played (the chicken dance etc) as some friends tried to request them lol. All in all  he was great!

Ashleigh & Jay Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

I have only good things to say about Dan! I had a chance to have coffee with him in person a month before my wedding. I live in Calgary and had my wedding in my hometown of Vernon.

Dan is intelligent, funny and an excellent DJ. He read my crowd perfectly. There were no hiccups even in 40 degree weather and 2 different locations.

His price point is fantastic especially for the level of experience, equipment, etc.

The music and Dan are a big reason why my wedding was so awesome! Not just for me and the hubby, but our guests.  I highly recommend Dan.

Natasha & Jonathan Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

Dan was really quite refreshing to use as a DJ.  I live in Edmonton so a lot of the planning for the wedding was done long distance this was a pretty stressful thing for me. However, Dan did most of our planning with me over the phone and via emailed planners and made it all really easy. Everything on the wedding day turned out well. He showed up with plenty of time at the ceremony, for my singer to sound check with him. We had a few very specific requests on our planner, and he did them perfectly. At the reception, EVERYONE was on the dance floor.  All in all, he was very reliable, stress free, and ultimately he was everything and more than we hoped for at a reasonable price.  J

Kayla & Landon Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

We and our guests really enjoyed Dan as a DJ and MC.  We are from Vancouver and all our MC options fell through at the last minute. Dan filled in great for us doing the DJ and MC services. He played great music at the dance the floor was packed the whole time. He played some really fun games with the crowd before and during dinner as well.  It all worked out really well.

Brian & Julia Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

Dan DJ'ed our wedding and also was the MC. We were honestly a bit nervous as his price was more than reasonable. I looked into many other DJ services and none of them came under $1,400. I heard about Dan through someone I work with who used him for their wedding. She gave him great reviews so we went ahead and booked him. Also our venue Sunset Ranch told us he was great. We communicated via email which was fine as we are all so busy. He sent a reception planner to help us out with planning how the night should go and also gave a link to a web site to help with song choices. Anyways, he was a great choice!! He read the crowd perfectly, had games for us to play and really got the whole crowd involved. People were on the dance floor all night. Everyone had a great time and that was the most important part for us.

Joanne & Hugh Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

We had a great experience with Dan he had a good feel for the atmosphere adjusting music as he went to keep it exciting. The games he uses are great the whole group had a blast. After comparison to competition he was better priced by far!  We were really happy that we choose Let’s Dance not only did we save a lot of money our overall experience could not have been better.

Craig & Anita Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

Dan played after our reception from about 8:30-12:00. We really liked him. We didn’t have many requests for him, other than to keep the music going and play a few specific songs. He was really professional, quick to respond, affordable, and I couldn’t have really asked for more. Everyone was dancing and having a blast.  I would recommend him to anyone 🙂

Krista & Bart Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

My husband and I were very impressed with Dan.  The service he provided was perfect for our wedding. He was very good at interacting with the guests, and did a very good job of reading the guests and knowing what music to play.

We would recommend Dan without hesitation.

Barb & Rod Kelowna Wedding December 16, 2015

We think Dan did a really great job at our wedding. He was our MC as well he played some good games that everybody liked. He is a fun person and can read the crowd very well he kept things moving right along. We paid him to play until 12:30am, but we had quite a few people still dancing so he continued until 1:00am . We would definitely recommend him, and we would hire him again for another party or event.

Carol-Ann and Wes Kelowna Wedding December 15, 2015

I have nothing but good things to say about Dan and his company.  So easy to work with, there was no stress he handled everything I asked.  He played exactly what we were looking for and if he noticed the dance floor not really dancing he would change up the music right away to get everyone dancing again.  It was a great time, great selection of music and if he didn't have it and you did you could just give him your phone and he would hook it up and play it for you. He was great.

Steph & Brent Kelowna Wedding December 15, 2015

I had the most wonderful experience with Dan from let's Dance from the happy hour introduction through to the main reception. He had our list of special songs we wanted to play and he did a wonderful job. He had some great suggestions for the buffet and table selection that made it a fun time for all of our guests. We had our reception at the Kelowna Golf and Country Club and there were a number of restrictions for the DJ. He met with our event co-coordinator and ironed out all the details. He truly would be a perfect addition to your PARTY!!

Desiree & Greg Kelowna Wedding December 15, 2015

DJ Dan was great! He knew exactly what he was doing and played great songs all night to keep the party going.  He played all of our requests as well.  He really helped make the night a great time!

Kimie & Jesse Kelowna Wedding December 15, 2015

For entertainment value DJ Dan was great very professional and at ease. He played one game with our guests that they loved and kept them dancing until 1:00am! For the price he charges and the service he provides vs other DJs he is absolute gold.

Meagan & Derrick Kelowna Wedding December 15, 2015

We really liked DJ Dan. He played some Sri Lankan music that we sent him and he did a great job playing it for the crowd even though he'd never heard it before, he had some games that were a lot of fun and totally made the evening.  He played to the crowd and age mix really well. Very good at keeping people dancing!

Ben & Sharon Kelowna Wedding December 15, 2015

We used Dan for our DJ services which included a couple of very funny games. The first was too see which table would eat first, which was a huge hit with everyone and the other involved my wife and myself which involved everyone getting to know a little about ourselves.  The music selection was great all night.  I would not hesitate in recommending Dan and Let’s Dance DJ Services for your special day.

Lee & Jennifer Kelowna Wedding December 15, 2015

We were very happy with Dan's services and found his prices to be reasonable & the best we could find in the Okanagan.  He arrived on time & took care of all his own set up.  He was able to find all the songs we selected during the ceremony and reception and played them all perfectly and at the right times. We would recommend his services, absolutely.  He did a great job.

Christine & Mike Kelowna Wedding December 15, 2015

We were very pleased with Dan at our wedding.  I booked him through a wedding event I attended.  He was quick to respond to emails and was helpful with his planning.  We had created a list of songs we wanted played and he filled in the rest.  Our wedding was quite casual and was all at one site.  He was at the site a few hours early to set up music for the ceremony and then moved down to the reception site afterwards. It all went very smoothly and I truly danced all night.  The music was a great blend of classic tunes, new hits and the country we requested played. We didn't have an emcee, but had very few speeches. We were very happy with Dan and he was happy to accommodate our wishes.

Karyn & Ryan Kelowna Wedding October 28, 2014

Great job Dan.

You had the party going all night never once was the floor empty, thanks for taking care of all my requests.

You made our wedding the best ever and everyone loved it


Simone & Ashley Kelowna Wedding October 28, 2014

I was very hesitant and nervous at first about Dan because his rate was much cheaper than the other Dj’s my husband had to reassure me A LOT! But DJ Dan was great!!! He got the dance floor going the music was awesome and he took requests. I had originally asked him to be the MC as well but then my uncle decided he wanted to be our MC instead but DJ Dan did play a lot of fun games and was very helpful :). It was stressful choosing a DJ as I felt a lot of the DJs kept calling me and were a little pushy for business and kept putting stuff in my head and tearing other DJs reputations down (Dan did not take part in any of this). I can say 100% now that I am very happy we chose Dan, and I would recommend him to other people 🙂

Bailey & Geoff Kelowna Wedding October 28, 2014

I was nervous about hiring Dan for our wedding because we were planning from Alberta so not meeting him before had me nervous but Dan was fantastic he was very flexible when our schedule changed and just went with it. Played everything we wanted and got people on the dance floor. He has a great personality and played lots of different kinds of music for us. I did a lot of research into djs and they were mostly well over 1000.00 so he was definitely the best price and I don’t think anyone could have done a better job.

Alyssa & Christen Kelowna Wedding October 28, 2014

I found Dan online and based on the website I figured he was experienced at weddings and would be good (I was right), but was really nervous about him since all I had was the website and some email to work with. He had plenty of great suggestions the day off the wedding and helped our MC’s throughout the night.  As for music we had a great time Dan had us dancing till close to 2am.  In hindsight we were very pleased with Let’s Dance DJ Services, as were the guests.

Karl & Korina Kelowna Wedding October 28, 2014

“Eric and I are finally getting around to finishing our thank you’s from the wedding (I know it has been a long time since the event but we are not very organized over here) We wanted to thank you for all of the work that you did for our wedding and let you know that we were extremely happy with everything that you did. Everyone loved the music and it helped our crowd dance the night away. We liked that you were so organized and excellent ideas when it came to helping the night go off without a hitch. As you already know we have been recommending you to some people who are going to be having a wedding in the area so hopefully that is alright.

Thanks again for everything, and see you at at least one wedding this year.”

Kristen and Eric Kelowna Wedding October 31, 2013

Hey Dan what a great party!

The bartender said he's never seen a dj keep everyone dancing the whole night before ha.

It was an awesome night!

Thank you so much

Rachel & Michael Veldhuisen Kelowna Wedding October 31, 2013

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to say thank you for an excellent night. The music was perfect everyone had an amazing time, you did everything we asked for and more.

Thanks again,

Great Job!!!

Steve and Baily Kelowna Wedding October 31, 2013

Dan you were awesome from the planning all the way through to the last dance.

I don’t see how any DJ/MC could have done a better job.

You are the best.

Maggie & Rob Austin Kelowna Wedding November 2, 2011

“Everyone was amazed at how you blended all types of music together and kepted everyone from the grandparents to the wedding party interested the dance was rock’in all night. We have been to a lot of weddings and it has been a long time since we have seen a DJ as good as you.

Tina & Trevais Mellum Kelowna Wedding November 2, 2011

“Wayne and I just got back from our honeymoon.  I just wanted you to pass along a very big thank you to Dan.  He was great, the music was perfect.  I think the dance floor was packed most of the night.  Anyways thanks again for helping make our wedding day so wonderful!!”

Amy and Wayne Zahara Kelowna Wedding November 2, 2011

“Darcy and I just wanted to thank you for such a great job at our reception on Saturday night.  It was so great to have everyone up dancing and that there was not one song that people didn’t dance to.  We thought you were great and if you ever need to use me as a reference, feel free to.”

Thanks again

Laura and Darcy Miller Kelowna Wedding November 2, 2011

“You guys were top notch from the start to finish everything we wanted from a DJ service on our wedding day.

Friendly, professional great sound & music selection at half the price the other company’s were charging!”

Todd & Laura Myles Kelowna Wedding November 2, 2011

“I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the outstanding job you did DJing for our wedding. (I have never seen the whole room on the dance floor at the end of a wedding reception chanting for one more song.) It was really important to Amy and I for everyone to have a great party at our reception and it could not have been better, if you ever need a reference we would love to help someone else find you.”

Nick & Amy Fane Kelowna Wedding November 2, 2011



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