Q – What kind of experience do you have?

  1. I have over 15 years experience as a DJ in Vancouver, Victoria,  Kelowna, and Vernon. I have mostly worked as a mobile DJ but also worked several years as a Club/Pub DJ.


Q – Why should you be our DJ?

  1. Because you will never regret choosing me.


Q – Who are your biggest referrals? Supporters?

  1. My Customers at anytime I can give you the names and email address of my last two clients to contact regarding my service. (I have found recommendations from hotels, resorts, wedding planners etc have more to do with payoffs then doing a good job most of them could care less what DJ you choose).


Q – How interactive of a DJ are you?

  1. As little or as much as you would like me to be I can be your MC help your MC play games etc or I can just let the music do the talking.


Q – Can you play music at our Ceremony?

  1. Yes and provide your officeint with a lapel microphone if needed. We will also provide you with a ceremony music planner.


Q – Are you licensed to play recorded music?

  1. Yes I have an AVLA license.


Q – Do you play all old music

  1. No, I am a master of mixing the old and the new of every type of music I will have your grandparents up and dancing at the same time as your wedding party. I will read your crowd and play what they like including their requests and yours. I have often hear the compliment of  “You played the perfect song all night”.


Q – After we meet with you, will you be the DJ that arrives at our wedding event?

  1. Yes you are booking my expertise and experience and I will be there from start to finish.


Q – How much do you charge?

  1. See my packages and pricing page, it clearly states what you will get (the best of everything you could possibly need from a DJ service) and how much it will cost you the only factor that may change your rate is travel time. Unlike most other DJ websites you do not have to call me for a quote my rates are fair, I don’t have to talk to you to explain or justify them.

Q – Will you travel?

  1. Danny DJ mainly serving Kelowna, Vernon and anywhere else you need good music and sound… I will go to the ends of the earth if you pay me enough. 


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