Q – Besides dancing after dinner, can you help with any other elements of the day?

  1. Yes in my reception planner I include games that apply to different times of your reception I have MCed for more receptions and events than I can remember  so I have the know how to help your MC make your reception run smoothly and keep your guests entertained or if you wish be your MC.


Q – Can you help us with a slideshow for our wedding?

  1. You can rent my projector (see extras on rate sheet) or bring your own and I can play your music from my sound system any way I can help I can and will.


Q – Will you be setting up when our guests are arriving?

  1. I will be set up long before anyone arrives.


Q – Will the music be to loud?

  1. No I understand that your guests are there to visit as well as dance. Quality of sound is one of the things that is very important to me so I always do a sound check and adjust it to perfection before your guests arrive.


Q – Do you use a professional sound system and do you have back up equipment?

  1. Yes as I mentioned above sound quality is very important to me (and to you and your guests) so I use a high quality sound system to achive a full rich club quality sound (I also have a good ear for equalization). Yes I am fully backed up.


Q – How will you be dressed for my/our special occasion?

  1. I will be dressed professionally and appropriately if you have a special request for my attire such as a themed event let me know.


Q – What if we want some special songs or ethnic songs for our overseas guests?

  1. Just let me know in your planner and I will bring them.


Q – Can we use your microphone for speeches?

  1. Yes all part of your package (see our rate sheet for more info)


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